Thursday, August 15, 2013

Day 17. June 30, 2013. From The Gore Rd to Heart Lake Rd - the Caledon Trailway Path - 2

This time we began from the intersection of the Old Church Rd and The Gore Rd - the place where we stopped on June 23 (see Day 16).

One way was almost 11 km and the same back Total time was less than 4.5 hours including stop for short lunch.
This type of  fence is innstalled at the every intersection of the Trail and main roads.

Of course it is not a Pyrenees - the railways are always flat enough. 

But it was OK to check our backpacks, shoes and other gear.

Among the people we met on the trail this day was our neighbour Barbara. Short conversation without stopping and she learns that we're preparing for Camino and we learn that she has been there 6 years ago. Good point to meet together and to learn her experience.
And further we go

And further we go.

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