Sunday, October 27, 2013

Day 18: Sunday, October 27, 2013 - from Inglewood to Heart Lake Rd.

This was our first trip after Camino. We drove to Inglewood, ON, parked the car near railway crossing and walked on the Caledon Trailway eastward to Heart Lake Rd, were we stopped last time (see Day 17)

Parking lot in Inglewood.

Straight as a railway has to be. And was.

Highway 10 from the pedestrian bridge.

What a bridge, what a girl. 

And further the way go.

Blue house

Dead trees and rush

The circle is closed - the Heart Lake Rd - Irina

The circle is closed - the Heart Lake Rd - Boris

Credit River -1

Credit River - 2

Bicycle Store

Every time in Inglewood we've seen riders here

Active railway on the left and old trail on the right.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Day 17. June 30, 2013. From The Gore Rd to Heart Lake Rd - the Caledon Trailway Path - 2

This time we began from the intersection of the Old Church Rd and The Gore Rd - the place where we stopped on June 23 (see Day 16).

One way was almost 11 km and the same back Total time was less than 4.5 hours including stop for short lunch.
This type of  fence is innstalled at the every intersection of the Trail and main roads.

Of course it is not a Pyrenees - the railways are always flat enough. 

But it was OK to check our backpacks, shoes and other gear.

Among the people we met on the trail this day was our neighbour Barbara. Short conversation without stopping and she learns that we're preparing for Camino and we learn that she has been there 6 years ago. Good point to meet together and to learn her experience.
And further we go

And further we go.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Day 16, June 23, 2013. Four hours walk on the Caledon Trailway Path.

It was our next step in preparation to El Camino. We decided to go 20 km or walked 4 hrs with our backppacks on. For the first try we choose "flat" route and walked on the Caledon Railway Path from its intersection with the Mount Wolfe Rd to the Gore Rd (see map from the RunKeeper below).
We did this successfully, but were very tired at the end. We obviously need more training like this before real Camino. And need to try and to tread out our shoes, dress and backpacks..

On the Caledon Trailway Path at the beginning of our walk near Mount Wolfe Rd.

Old farm across the CPR.

On the Trail.

On the Trail

It's not a dandelion - it's something much bigger.

Day 15, June 9, 2013. Summer ramble on the winter route

This trip was a summer edition of our winter walk from Day 3, Feb 03, 2013. We started at the intersection of Glenn Duffy and Coolihans Sideroad. There is a designated parking on the Coolihans Sideroad just where  Bruce Trail intersects it. In about 1 km a local Side Trail went to the East and followed it to repeat our winter route. We also turned to the small lakes/ponds to look at them in summer.Then we found out the intersection of the Trail with the Centreville Creek Rd and walked another 1.5 km to The Gore Rd. We returned back on the same route.

This picture was taken close to the place of winter picture shown below.

Picture from Day 3. Just to compare the view.

Picnic area near the lakes. 

Day 14, May 25, 2013 : New places at Airport Rd North of Hwy 9

We began at the same Parking Lot near Airport Rd as previous time, but headed North on Line 7 and then on the Bruce Trail/ Finally we made a loop and return via 7 back.

On the Trail - note blue sign on the tree in the left upper corner.

The wind waves run through the grass but are invisible on the still picture. 

Mail Box with Cardinals.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Day 13, May 17, 2013 : Old places at Airport Rd North of Hwy 9

After almost a month we're on the trail again. This time decided to visit the part of Bruce Trail where we put our feet on it for first time. The small parking lot is on the East side of Sideroad 7, just at the Airport Rd.
We walked from the green sign clockwise back to it - it was 6 km. Then we drove back home and I forgot to switch RunKeeper off.
Bruce Trail sign near the parking lot on Sideroad 7 and Airport Rd. Trail is full of dandelions.
Before 1st km mark there is a sightseeing spot at the top of a cliff. Many years ago in 2003 I think I brought here my sister's family and took a picture of Sonia on the cliff. Unfortunately cannot find it now.

View on the Humber River Valley from the cliff.

Trail is literally cut through the trees. 

White Trillium

Pinkish Trillium
 And even earlier it was in this place when we first put our feet on the Bruce Trail and found out from another hikers that this is a hundreds km long way. For the first time we made the whole loop here: walked South to the hwy 9, West to the Airport Rd, and North on the Airport Rd to the parking lot at Sideroad 7.

Encouraging info on the Airport Rd just North of hwy 9.
Total mileage for today was 6.28 km, 2hr 06 min.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Day 12, April 7, 2013 : Crossed the border and back:Visiting Township of King

Residing at the very border between Peel Region and York Region was very interesting "to cross the border"  and visited our neighboring Township of King (we are in Town of Caledon). Thus we drove little bit to the North on Mount Wolfe Rd, turned East on Halls Lake Sideroad and came to the 19th Sideroad where it splits with Caledon King Town Line N which is the boundary itself. We left our car near this intersection and walked East on 19th Sideroad following Oak Ridges Trail. Somewhere on the right (to South) was the Hall Lake invisible from the road.
The boundary between municipalities went from the road intersection near 7th km mark to the green mark on the top where we began our trip.

Eastward on the 19th Sideroad.
After 1.5 km we turned South on the 12th Concession as Oak Ridges Trail did. Before this walking along 19th we enriched our collection of "beware of dog" signs by two more items (see below)

After 1 km on 12th Oak Ridges Trail went East into the bushes. We tried to follow it but quickly realized that it is to ice/muddy and stayed on the road. After another 1.5 km we understood that we was almost on the same latitude as our house was and keeping South on the 12th we could make a loop on the 17th Sideroad and Mount Wolfe and came back to our house.
South on the 12th Concession to the 17th Sideroad.

Wind turbine at the East side of the  Mount Wolfe Rd. I drive here twice a day.
When came to our driveway the RunKeeper told us that we made 8 kim today. We took seats in Merce and drove to pick up Corolla. It was a nice LOOP TRIP and 680 cal burnt per person.