Saturday, May 18, 2013

Day 13, May 17, 2013 : Old places at Airport Rd North of Hwy 9

After almost a month we're on the trail again. This time decided to visit the part of Bruce Trail where we put our feet on it for first time. The small parking lot is on the East side of Sideroad 7, just at the Airport Rd.
We walked from the green sign clockwise back to it - it was 6 km. Then we drove back home and I forgot to switch RunKeeper off.
Bruce Trail sign near the parking lot on Sideroad 7 and Airport Rd. Trail is full of dandelions.
Before 1st km mark there is a sightseeing spot at the top of a cliff. Many years ago in 2003 I think I brought here my sister's family and took a picture of Sonia on the cliff. Unfortunately cannot find it now.

View on the Humber River Valley from the cliff.

Trail is literally cut through the trees. 

White Trillium

Pinkish Trillium
 And even earlier it was in this place when we first put our feet on the Bruce Trail and found out from another hikers that this is a hundreds km long way. For the first time we made the whole loop here: walked South to the hwy 9, West to the Airport Rd, and North on the Airport Rd to the parking lot at Sideroad 7.

Encouraging info on the Airport Rd just North of hwy 9.
Total mileage for today was 6.28 km, 2hr 06 min.

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