Sunday, April 14, 2013

Day 12, April 7, 2013 : Crossed the border and back:Visiting Township of King

Residing at the very border between Peel Region and York Region was very interesting "to cross the border"  and visited our neighboring Township of King (we are in Town of Caledon). Thus we drove little bit to the North on Mount Wolfe Rd, turned East on Halls Lake Sideroad and came to the 19th Sideroad where it splits with Caledon King Town Line N which is the boundary itself. We left our car near this intersection and walked East on 19th Sideroad following Oak Ridges Trail. Somewhere on the right (to South) was the Hall Lake invisible from the road.
The boundary between municipalities went from the road intersection near 7th km mark to the green mark on the top where we began our trip.

Eastward on the 19th Sideroad.
After 1.5 km we turned South on the 12th Concession as Oak Ridges Trail did. Before this walking along 19th we enriched our collection of "beware of dog" signs by two more items (see below)

After 1 km on 12th Oak Ridges Trail went East into the bushes. We tried to follow it but quickly realized that it is to ice/muddy and stayed on the road. After another 1.5 km we understood that we was almost on the same latitude as our house was and keeping South on the 12th we could make a loop on the 17th Sideroad and Mount Wolfe and came back to our house.
South on the 12th Concession to the 17th Sideroad.

Wind turbine at the East side of the  Mount Wolfe Rd. I drive here twice a day.
When came to our driveway the RunKeeper told us that we made 8 kim today. We took seats in Merce and drove to pick up Corolla. It was a nice LOOP TRIP and 680 cal burnt per person.

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