Sunday, February 10, 2013

Day 1st, Jan 27, 2013:. from Palgrave to Humber Station Rd

On this day we repeated our previous trip along the Palgrave Side Trail - a tributary of The Bruce Trail. We began it at the Parking Lot on Highway 50 a few hundred meters to the North of Palgrave, Ontario. The trail here went to SW. After 1.5 km we crossed the Duffy's Lane and here just near the trail kiosk met another hiker - Olga with her dog. Next 1.5 km we went together. During our conversation Olga mentioned that last year she fulfill Camino de Santiago- 900 km through France and Spain. Just Google it - said us Olga when we said goodbye at the Humber Station Rd. All the way back we discussed the news and cannot wait to come home and check on the Internet what is El Camino.
All of a sudden our eyes were opened and decision was firm; we have to go Camino!
As a first practical step we decided to hike our Ontarian Bruce Trail, which goes from Niagara Falls to the very end of the Bruce Peninsula in the Lake Huron. In this way we can check ourselves and became trained for the long way.ahead.

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