Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Day 4, Feb 09, 2013: from Coolinhans Sideroad to Airport Rd

Beginning was at the upper right corner of a red route.

It was our first attemped after snowstorm and we were ready to go not on the trail, but along the roads. At the parking lot on Coolinhans Sideroad we met people wearing snowshoes just coming back from the trail.

On the trail after snowshoe people went.
Sleeping beauty
We decided to try on foot and it went well. This time we went on the main portion of the Bruce Trail and headed to South. In approximate 1 hour we reached intersection of Innis Lake Rd with Finnerty Sideroad, turned right (W) and came to the Airport Rd. Then was a long 4.5 km portion North along Airport Rd under strong enough wind, which was not a big pleasure. Finally we reached intersection with "our" Coolinhans Sideroad and after    another 15 min were at the car. 2 hrs 30 min 10-11 km.
A big house on the Innis Lake Rd

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