Sunday, February 24, 2013

Day 6, Feb 23, 2013: Along Escarpment Sideroad to the West

This time I was checking new "toy". I installed the RunKeeper software on my HTC Android smartphone and allowed this program to track our walk. Everything was working well, though to hear info every 5 min seemed little annoying.  But at the end of the walk we received the full report on our activity including even the amount of calories burnt. Below is a map as it was done by RunKeeper in my phone. (My negative experience with some features of the RunKeeper - see below).

Because we walked there and back (as a Hobbit) the kilometers seems not to be in order. We went from the top to the bottom of the map initially beginning from the place, where we finished in previous Day 5.
The weather was not so foggy and it didn't snow but there were low grey clouds all over the sky. Some typical pictures are below.

The Tunnel under hwy 10 (Hurontario Rd). You can see this place on the map where the route made a loop at the intersection with hwy 10.

More about RunKeeper. To use the program I registered at their site and was informed that I can share my activities with my friends. They suggested me to put their emails into form and they will be invited. I did this for my wife and a few close friends and was surprised because what they really received was invitation (in imperative mode I'd say) to FULLY REGISTER on the site as if become the full members, though they definitely were not - they only were invited by me to look at MY activities. Without this forced registration they cannot see not only my activity but even the invitation text I sent them. I immediately sent my friends a letters of my apology and withdrew my invitations. Now I'm not sure how many of RunKeeper 500,000 members they mentioned proudly on they site are such "dead souls". Unfortunately it seems becomes a usual practice nowadays.  

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