Sunday, March 31, 2013

Day 11, March 30, 2013 : Around the Brock Pit and in Tottenham Forest

Today we decided not to spent a lot of time for driving and walk the part of Oak Ridges Moraine Trail (ORT) near our Wolfe Rd North of our house.
Brock Pit is at the center of our loop and is full of water now
 We began at the intersection of Mount Wolfe Rd and Caledon Trailway, went South on Mount Wolfe Rd and turned East on the ORT near the Church opposite to Hunsden Sideroad. It was very picturesque path along the Brock Pit which was on the left.
Adopt the ORT (note the white mark on the right tree)

On the ORT

On the ORT

Brock Pit which everybody around is protested against.

After about 1.5 km we reached hwy 9, crossed it and followed North through the Tottenham Forest (officially it's Simcoe County Forest). We like this forest and walked there a few times in summer and fall 2012.
Tottenham Forest

Our way back was South along the Tottenham Rd and West on hwy 9 till the bridge over the railway. Here we adopt Caledon railtrail and came to the car.
I like it in B&W.

Mount Wolfe Rd, ours is silver Corolla.

As you can see from the RunKeeper report it was short but very interesting route for this day,
Only 424 calories burnt :(

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