Saturday, March 2, 2013

Day 7, March 02, 2013 : Forks of the Credit Rd + McLaren Rd

There is still a lot of snow and we only can walk along the roads. Even some roads are closed for the winter season. So we forced to skip some portions of the trail (will to go in spring) and to drive more to find appropriate routs. Today we stopped at the closed part of The Grange Side Rd (see pic) and then drove to

the intersection of Mississauga Rd and Forks of the Credit Rd. Our starting point was near the bridge when Dominion Rd went North from Fork of the Credit Rd.

This time RunKeeper report was divided into two portions. First one from the red tag to the green one was 3.65 km and second one from green tag to the end of red line and back to the red tag was 4.64 km. The km marks on the map corresponds to the second part.
Some more pictures from our route are below.

Credit River. View East (downstream) from the bridge at the Dominion Rd

 Before turn back we met a guy with a full dozen of dogs Biggles and Bassets in various proportions.

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