Sunday, March 24, 2013

Day 10, March 23, 2013 : Forks of the Credit

Today we returned to "close" a gap on our route and visited The Forks of the Credit Provincial Park. We used to be in this Park many years ago - in 2002 may be and it was a summer time. To really "close the gap" we parked our car at the intersection of McLaren Rd and Forks of Credit Rd. - see Day 7 (3 km point on the map).

After 1-1.5 km North on the McLaren Rd we turned West on narrow dead-end Puckering Lane at the end of which is there access to the Bruce Trale Loop. The trail went along the steep slop of the large and deep ravine. Because snow was compacted on the trail by hikers it still was preserved on the trail and melted away on the slop itself (see picture)

 We didn't follow the whole loop and turned East (sharp 90 degree turn on the map) to the parking lot near the Forks of Credit Rd. Here I took a picture of Irina and the Map of the Park.

Some more pictures from the Park.

Cattle Lake is under ice now.

Contrary to many previous days it was blue sky and white clouds today

We finished our route going South on the McLaren Rd back to our car.

As always final report from RunKeeper.

На обратном пути специально для Ольги, которой понравился вот этот снимок из дня 6-го,

День 6-ой - 23 февраля 2013 г.

мы специально остановились в том же месте и сняли ту же усадьбу уже при солнце и синем небе. Почему-то все равно первый "пасмурный" снимок кажется интереснее.

День 10-й, 23 марта 2013 г - ровно через месяц.

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