Monday, March 18, 2013

Day 9, March 17, 2013 : Terra Cotta, ON

On Saturday it  was like snowstorm and on Sunday was a sunshine though little bit windy. We still tried to chose the route along the roads to avoid a deep snow in the bushes. We drove again the same way on the Old Baseline Rd and first of all visited Inglewood again, because I'd like to take a picture from the same spot I did with our friends almost 4 years ago. Let's compare:

In 2009 it was a small Art Gallery there. There is some kind of yoga classes here now.
From Inglewood we drove again on Old Baseline , then turned South on Mississauga Rd and West on King St and came to Terra Cotta. There was a parking spot for the Bruce Trail hikers on Tenth Line West of Terra Cotta. This was where our route began.

Our car on the parking spot, Tenth Line. 

We walked clockwise on the main roads untill 7th km. Then it was "real" Bruce Trail made in snow by previous hikers. The 7th km point is also the beginning of Caledon Railway Trail which goes NNE from here (see map at the kiosk on picture below)

Just a beginning of the route and road went up.

I like the house.

Here we turned to the South On Winston Churchill Blvd which marks a boundary between Caledon and Halton Hills.

Winston Churchill Blvd perspective.

Vanya shows the starting point of the Caledon Railway Trail on the map. And we just are there.

As ususal - report from RunKeeper.

And also as usual picture of both of us taken by Vanya.

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