Sunday, March 10, 2013

Day 8, March 10, 2013 : Creditview Rd + Boston MIlls Rd + Rockside Rd + Old Baseline Rd Loop

This time Ivan accompanied us as he did on the Day 3. We drove on the Old Church Rd to Caledon East, turned South on Airport Rd and then West on the Old Baseline Rd - the same way as previous Day 7. From the Old Baseline Rd we turned right on McLaughlin Rd to look at the little town Inglewood. We were surprised to discover that many years ago we already visited this town with our friends. We even recognized a small house where the Art Gallery was. We didn't stay at the town and returned to Old Baseline Rd. In a few kilometers at the intersection with Creditview Rd we left our car and walked South on Creditview Rd.

Our car at the intersection of Old Baseline Rd (goes from right to left) and Creditview Rd
After about 1 km we turned right (to the West) on Boston Mills Rd following Bruce Trail signs. There on the left (south) side of the road we noticed a big house where a lot of cars came in. "Spirit Tree" - it was written at the entrance. It's smell like fresh prepared meal. We decided to look at and I stopped my RunKeeper for a while.
Spirit Tree tavern, store, bakery 
We liked the store and friendly personnel. We even bought a bottle of ginger syrup from local farm. Then I turned my RunKeeper on again and we went on Westward on Boston Mills Rd. Unfortunately soon after crossing Mississauga Rd Boston Mills ended and we forced to go through the forest as Bruce Trail did. Happily somebody already walked here and there was a path into snow. Snow was very soft and melted on the sun - it was near +10 C and we began to undress.
It's really beginning of spring.

Snow is melting under the sun.

Ivan took a picture of us.

Report from RunKeeper - you know even calories burnt.

Twice a secure property

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